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Meet Your Professors

Meet Jackie Shaw

Jackie Shaw is the Co-Founder of Brass Jacks. She is a proven educator, mentor and business advisor. 


Jackie holds an Honors Baccalaureate in Science from Eastern Oregon University, with dual emphasis on Math and Art. As an AmeriCorp Member in 2003-2004, Jackie took to heart the AmeriCorp slogan “Getting things done.” Jackie’s AmeriCorp advisor said, “She is a superb problem-solver” and “perhaps the single most organized person I know.”


Jackie creates art as much as humanly possible. From her garden to her outfits, every day is a new possibility!

Bonus fun fact

When Jackie was quite young living on the farm and left to her own devices, she hung out with a lot of barn cats. Most children at this age would be trimming their own bangs with horrible results. Instead she trimmed the cats whiskers because it didn’t make sense to her that they all aren’t the same length. 😂 it was just a little trim and the cats didn’t seem to mind.

Her older sister later explained to her that the cats whiskers had to be different lengths, it’s cat physics! 

Meet Jackie Rockwell

Jackie Rockwell is the Co-Founder of Brass Jacks. She is a dedicated bookkeeper, consultant and business coach. 


Jackie holds an Honors Baccalaureate in Science from Southern Oregon University in Mathematics with a Minor in Math Education as well as a Masters in Accounting and Financial Management from DeVry University. 


Jackie loves gardening and learning about native plants and pollinators. She cannot leave a gardening store without bringing home at least one new plant baby!

Bonus fun facts

In her early twenties, Jackie rented a house on a half-acre that had a field she had to maintain. The rental company suggested she get a farm animal to eat the grass, so she borrowed one from a friend with a farm. Not long after, the cow escaped and with the help of her neighbor, a stranger who pulled over to help them, and a very long piece of rope, Jackie followed the cow down the street and into a cul-de-sac. After a bit of chasing, Jackie lassoed the cow and the quick-thinking stranger tied the other end of the rope to a tree!

It was quite the spectacle, neighbors came out to watch as the cow fought to get free.

They wound up tying the cow very closely to the back of a pick-up truck and walking it VERY slowly down the road, back home to the field.

Jackie promptly returned the cow to its original owner and has no future plans of cow ownership!
This collaboration has been a long time coming and we are SO excited that you are here!

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