Brass Jacks JR & JS Take your bookkeeping skills to the next level

Bookkeeping Industry Leaders

Are you new to the wonderful world of bookkeeping and ready to make a career shift? 
Or perhaps you've been in the bookkeeping industry for a while and want to level-up your bookkeeping skills? 
Brass Jacks is the one-stop shop for bookkeeper education. We are bookkeeping industry leaders, passionate about educating you to become a highly skilled bookkeeper.

Meet Jackie Shaw

Jackie Shaw is the Co-Founder of Brass Jacks. She is a proven educator, mentor and business advisor. 

Meet Jackie Rockwell

Jackie Rockwell is the Co-Founder of Brass Jacks. She is a dedicated bookkeeper, consultant and business coach. 
This collaboration has been a long time coming and we are SO excited that you are here!

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