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Do You Want To
Become a Bookkeeper? 

There is a serious lack of qualified bookkeepers in the United State and year after year, demand continues to be higher than the supply.

In 2021 Jackie Rockwell and Jackie Shaw joined forces to educate the world of bookkeepers so that bookkeeping can be done the RIGHT way. They are on a mission to teach people how to become awesome bookkeepers AND match them with future clients / employers. 

The Backstory

It was a normal, dreary day in January of 2009 when Jackie Shaw hit SEND on a job offer to Jackie Rockwell. Neither one of them knew how their work relationship would evolve to one of friendship and, eventually, collaboration. 

Jackie Shaw has been a mentor to Jackie Rockwell for over 13 years from teaching her the ropes in the corporate world to taking her under her wing as they both ventured out to become business owners of two thriving bookkeeping businesses (first JS and then JR). 

Business was booming (there's always a need for bookkeepers!) and in November of 2021 Jackie Rockwell said, "Enough is enough! We are both maxed out with client work and have to turn away all new clients. We need MORE qualified bookkeepers who we can trust will do as good a job as us!" 

By Feb 2022 they made some grandiose plans of saving the world and they had even settled on a name for their new business,
Brass Jacks. 

Which brings us to Fall 2022, when they sold out the first session of their signature course, Bookkeeping Foundations.

Professional Bookkeepers

Fully comprehensive, basic bookkeeping training. This course includes all the fundamental tools and knowledge a bookkeeper needs to perform daily, monthly and year end accounting operations of a business. Bookkeeping Foundations blends accounting principles, technology and government regulations with practical accounting skills. 
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