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      From our signature course, Bookkeeping Foundations, to our downloadable SOPs, this is the place for bookkeepers to grow their skillset.
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Bookkeeping Foundations

Whether you're starting from scratch or growing your bookkeeping skillset, this course will help you lay the foundation to be a phenomenal bookkeeper.

Job Cost Accounting

Fall 2023

Make sure you're charging your customers the right amount so you don't end up with cash flow issues

Year End Close Series

Everything you need to close out the books at year end with confidence and keep your CPA happy. This is a 5-lesson series with a thorough year end checklist. Take care of everything ahead of time so you aren't scrambling at the last minute.

How to Create a Business Budget

Budgeting 101: In this fun and lively training, you will learn how to create a budget for your business, what to look for when reviewing Budget vs. Actual reports and when to revise budgets to adapt to changes that impact your business.

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Non-Profit Accounting

In this course we will look at how to track grants, set up a chart of accounts and what kinds of reports are most useful for a Board of Directors. 


Basic Payroll

This course will look how to accurately record payroll entries from 3rd party payroll software. We will also touch on HR topics like labor wage laws, employee benefits and I9s.This course will not address state-to-state level payroll topics. 

Restaurant Accounting

Learn how to look and food costs and track inventory. We will dive into some commonly used 3rd party apps used for other areas of the business too. 

Inventory Accounting

This course is for bookkeepers in the manufacturing field who want to learn how to track complex inventory topics, like Bill of Materials. 

Medical Industry Accounting

This course will cover the dos and don'ts of how to record the bookkeeping side of medical bills. 

Health & Wellness Accounting

Aimed at yoga and pilates studios, this bookkeeping course will address topics like, karma funds and commonly used 3rd party apps (such as MBO).

Retail/Resale Accounting

A look into the world of inventory and consignment bookkeeping.

Legal Accounting

Bookkeeping for law firms. 

Cannabis Industry Accounting

How to create a stellar chart of accounts, track inventory and COGS within the marijuana industry. 

Template and Form Customizations

How to leverage custom templates and forms in Quickbooks. 

Our students love us


Jackie taught in a way that was easy to understand and easy to follow, while still sticking to the point, unlike some of my professors. Jackie would also expand on a subject when needed. Jackie made sure her students had a good understanding of accounting terms/lingo before looking over financial statements, and also provided extra help through forms she provided. What was also nice about Jackie’s classes is that we are able to rewatch lessons as many times as needed.
Overall I had a great experience with Jackie’s QuickBooks classes and I am excited to continue on to the next levels.”
-college student


“Class went really fast. Sometimes had trouble not getting lost, but she was willing to help out and was patient. I enjoyed the class – Thanks

Very very informative, instantly applicable to my job duties, great resources to take away (hard copy) as well as a great platform for further exploration. Looking forward to the next series!
anonymous prior student


“Jackie is very helpful and awesome!
I was going to do the QB seminar but 8 hrs a day was going to be too brutal. This was perfect.
I really enjoyed learning from you! You are so knowledgeable about the subject, and had an answer to every question I had. Thank you.
Very valuable class. I have decided that Quickbooks is a little more than I need for my childcare business at this time, but I am still glad I took the course. It helped with accounting and bookkeeping basics and answered a lot of my questions.
Great stuff
Thank you!!
business owner
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