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5 steps to prepare your books for year end close

Check out this intro video to see what's covered in this series.
Every lesson is taught in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online (QBO)
Learn how to close out your books with confidence
Close out your books with confidence

Includes the following trainings:

  • W-9 Audit 
    Did you collect the W-9s you need for this year? Learn how to pull a report in QuickBooks to see what W-9s you're still missing.
    You will also learn: when to ask for a W-9, who needs a 1099, should you print or e-file 1099s and lots more on this topic.
  • CPA Journal Entries & Trial Balance Tie-Out
    Find out what documents you should be receiving from your CPA and what to do with them once you have them. 
    This training also covers Fixed Assets and Depreciation, as well as how to lock the books and save your CPA time from fixing your mess.
  • Asset Audit & Payroll Review
    Learn how to be proactive, this helps you get into your CPA's queue early on so you don't have to file an extension. 

    This training covers how to ensure all assets are properly recorded in the books, what fringe benefits need to be included on the W-2s and how to prepare for the final payrolls of the year.
  • Reconciliation of Balance Sheet Accounts
    BEFORE you reconcile the December checking account, go through this lesson to learn what to do first! 
    In this lesson you'll learn how to prep the reconciliations and review the balance sheet accounts before doing the final reconciliation, so you aren't left with a bunch of uncleared transactions for your CPA to sort through.
  • Payroll Tie-Out 
    Ensure that your payroll expenses are reported correctly on your P&L. 
    In this lesson you'll learn how to code owners wages, review payroll taxes and find any miscoded payroll entries. Your CPA will LOVE you for completing this task.
  • Start-to-Finish Year End Checklist 
    Get a list of everything you need to be doing, tracking and gathering throughout the year. From your annual set of folders to your year end close process, this checklist lists all of the tasks you need to do to make sure your books are completely closed and ready to go off to the CPA.
    Get your files organized for good with this 45 minute bonus lesson on Folder Trees. In this lesson JS teaches you everything she learned from working with engineers to construct a fool-proof filing system. 
Tax time is the busiest time for bookkeepers. This Year End Bookkeeping Series shows you everything you need to take care of AHEAD of time so you aren't scrambling and pulling all-nighters trying to wrap things up for the CPA.
You will receive a Start-to-Finish Year End Checklist so you can make sure that nothing falls through the cracks
With 5 pre-recorded lessons, you will learn how to close out the books with confidence. 

Why should I take this course?

Tax time is the busiest time for bookkeepers. This Year End series shows you everything you need to take care of AHEAD of time so you aren't scrambling and pulling all-nighters trying to wrap things up for your CPA.
Too often the books are sent to the CPA but they aren't really ready. 

There's expenses in the asset accounts, the payroll numbers don't match the payroll reports and no one bothered to reconcile the loan account so it's definitely wrong. 

If you've gotten a half-dozen journal entries (or MORE! Gasp!) back from your CPA and you have no idea what they're even for, this series is for you. 

There are pieces to putting the year end bookkeeping puzzle together. And if you know what those pieces are... you can make sure everything is in place and ready to go.

Year End Bookkeeping Series is a series of 5 trainings that will take you through the entire year end close process.
Each training will thoroughly explain how to do that piece (and why)!

This year will be different. Come tax season, you'll be sipping a nice hot cup of cocoa, resting at ease knowing that everything is buttoned up and ready to go to the CPA.

Our students love us

I feel like a boss about the Balance Sheet! I have been doing books for 25 years and I can finally say the BS doesn’t intimidate me after taking the Brass Jacks YE series.The YE series has armed me for getting a clean YE package to my CPA in record time!
~ Staci Davis
 I haven’t finished the year end course yet but it was 100% worth it if only for the W9/1099 section. I think having it so affordable was really  awesome.
~ deidre hurd
Jackie Shaw is an excellent teacher - she takes high level topics and dumbs them down so they are easily understood!
~ staci davis

Meet Your Teacher...

Jackie Shaw is the co-founder and CTO of Brass Jacks. She is a proven educator, mentor, and business advisor. 
graduated from
Eastern Oregon University
work experience
Jackie has worked in the accounting field since 2007. She began teaching QuickBooks classes in 2012.
Jackie LOVES to teach bookkeeping and accounting. Enroll now and see why so many people love to learn from her with her fun, engaging and no-nonsense attitude!

Get your Year End process in order so you get love letters from your CPA like this:

Close Your Books
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Let's make this tax season the best one yet!

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