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Whether you are a small business owner or a bookkeeper, we have events you won't want to miss!
Job Cost Accounting - Fall Session
Make sure you're charging your customers the right amount so you don't end up with cash flow issues

Class starts Sept 11:
bookkeeping foundations - Fall Session
A really good bookkeeper needs to understand the accounting concepts behind the bookkeeping as well as how to implement everything in the accounting software. We'll show you just how to do this. 

Class starts Sept 11:
year end webinar series
Everything you need to close out last year's books with confidence and keep your CPA happy!
New lesson each month: 
- September - W-9 Audit
- October - CPA Journal Entries & Trial Balance Tie-Out
- November - Asset Audit & Payroll Review
- December - Reconciliation BS Accounts
- January - Payroll Tie-Out 

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