Fall 2023

The waitlist is open for Job Cost Accounting

Make sure you're charging your customers the right amount so you don't end up with cash flow issues
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Understand labor costs

Learn how to calculate and allocate labor burden to ensure you're taking all of your employee costs into account when determining your prices.

Save time

We will show you how you can skip the elaborate spreadsheets with our month end process. You'll also learn how to check your work quickly and easily.

Avoid costly mistakes

Job Costing is one of the most difficult forms of bookkeeping. Learn how to set up your books right to be able to job cost.

This is NOT Bank Feeds Bookkeeping.

  • Client Projects  

This class will help you learn bookkeeping for the construction industry, trades, remodelers, contract engineering firms, and really any service providers that want to understand how much each client project costs them - the true cost of each client project

  • Master your field  

Too often we see contract bookkeepers try to assist with job cost bookkeeping, but unfortunately they don't really understand it. This course will set you apart from other bookkeepers as you learn to provide your clients with the most accurate data for them to run their business efficiently.

Get the Job Costing Correct

When businesses get job costing wrong they don't charge their customers correctly and often end up with cash flow issues and net profit problems. Avoid costly mistakes by getting your job costs right the first time.
Job Cost Accounting will open for enrollment in August.

And before we open enrollment, we will offer special pricing to everyone on the waitlist.
This means that during the month of July, everyone on the waitlist will receive a special offer. 

Hop on the waitlist now for early bird pricing.  

(There is no obligation to enroll in Job Cost Accounting by joining the waitlist).
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