find a new client referral stream through CPA firms and grow your bookkeeping business

Become a CPA's Favorite Bookkeeper

Learn common bookkeeping factors that are often missed by bookkeepers and create problems for CPAs. Learn how to be the star bookkeeper that CPAs and clients will always want to have!


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With a shortage of CPAs in the U.S., it’s becoming more and more important to make sure that bookkeeping clients have solid clean books to turn over to CPAs. Rightfully so, more and more CPAs are turning away clients with books that require extensive corrections. Their firms' want to focus on those with clean books so they can maximize the number of clients they support at tax time.

That's where you come in...

In this 1-Hour Training,
You Will Learn:

  • List the steps to a complete and clean year-end close
  • Evaluate what most bookkeepers miss that causes extra work for CPAs
  • Identify two key aspects of reconciling and find out if you are doing both
  • Recognize what records to deliver that can support and expedite work done by your CPA’s staff
  • Identify unique requests that CPAs have made of the presenters as the presenters share their insight in working with these requests
  • Outline how to find a new client referral stream from CPA firms

Check out this feedback from prior attendees:

Jackie Shaw was an amazing presenter and I really enjoyed how she delivered the content in such a relevant way! I am excited to dive into the resources she provided!
— Rachel Rutledge (Wendy C Norman CPA, LLC)

Awesome insights and presented in such a wonderful, empowering manner! Thank you for building us up as bookkeepers and reiterating our value!
— Megan Wood (Oxford Suites)
The information provided me with a wider and more detailed knowledge of information that will help me communicate better with my CPA.
— LINDA POLK (Jackie Joyner Kersee Foundation)

Our students love us

A very informative and affirming presentation! The presenter was enthusiastic and yet pragmatic. This was a very useful webinar.
Jennifer, AB
Excellent! Jackie S. really knows her stuff!
Michael Chaffee (Customized Computer Accounting, Inc.)
I really enjoyed this webinar; I feel like I gained some knowledge as well as was offered more tools to use if I so wish
Kimberly Cronin (Borsello)
I really enjoyed the webinar the host was engaging and fun. I especially enjoyed the antidotes and how she related them to real examples within the accounting /bookkeeping world. The presenter has a wealth of knowledge, her program she was promoting does seem pricey but I am sure it is worth it.
— Catherine Schaefer (The Bookkeeper Repairman, Inc.)
I really enjoyed the passion and willingness of the presenters to offer the knowledge to do what it takes to be a "Bad-ass" bookkeeper . It was very informative to hear different perspectives for true bookkeeping and the opportunities available.
— Marlon Parker (Precision Accounting)
What a lovely presenter. Very much enjoyed it. I have been a bookkeeper and a CPA, so I've been on both ends of the spectrum and so much of what she said resonated with me!
— ERIN LYTTLE (Erin Lyttle, CPA)

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