we've got your back.

Data Detectives, Unite!

Whether you just need a little encouragement or some hand-holding... the collective is here for you.
  • Get answers to your pressing questions
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • People to commiserate with
  • Elevate in your career

Weekly support from JS & JR

We WANT you to succeed. We are here to help.
We have A TON of experience and won't bore you with that here, but let's just say, we've seen it all!
Sometimes you may have a specific question about coding things in QB and other times you may just need tips on how to organize client folders... 
BF Alumni Support

Bookkeeping Collective

A community group for Bookkeeping Foundations alumni.
Includes ongoing support from JR & JS as well as peer-to-peer support.

Virtual Group



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