January - June 2024

Start your Bookkeeping Business

Six-month mastermind. Learn how to manage a thriving bookkeeping business that meets all of your needs, without the commonly accompanying burnout of being a contract bookkeeper.
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Why should I take this course?

Starting out on your own as a bookkeeper can feel daunting. Working with a mentor to build your company piece by piece will relieve some of the stress so you can focus on the steps you need to, not lay awake at night worrying that you're forgetting something. 
Being your own boss is an incredible feeling. Being able to work with clients you like and set a schedule that meets your needs is such a privilege. 
You deserve to work in ways that feel good to your life.

Contrary to popular belief, being a contract bookkeeper is not the same as being an employee bookkeeper. You have a business to run. Don't worry, that's the exciting part!

Bookkeeping businesses seldom fail. But what we do see is that too many bookkeepers start their business without a plan for success, which means they burn out fast. 

Learn with us how to create a bookkeeping business that you LOVE. You are the boss now, right? As your first order of business, let's have some fun. 

Join us for a six month mastermind to plan and build your thriving bookkeeping business with the Bookkeeping Business Blueprint. 

Monthly lessons on the following topics

Client Management

Get all the tips and tricks that seasoned bookkeepers use to manage their clients. We'll look at monthly practices, software, customer etiquette and more!

Business Owner Mindset

Problems are part of the process of being a business owner, learn how to have a solution-oriented mindset so you can take them in stride. 

Best Practices

Where does your job begin and end? We will discuss the various offerings you can have with your clients. The 

Business Operations

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$ Money $

What would a business class be without the topic of money? We will talk about making money, & spending money in your business. This might be the most valuable part of the entire mastermind. 

Growth (Internal & External)

Learn how to stay up-to-date with continuing education and also how to get out of your own way so you can be successful. 
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Meet the instructor

Jackie Rockwell

In late winter of 2015, Jackie Rockwell knew that it was time to start her own bookkeeping business. With two young kids at home she was thrilled to find a way to maintain her current level of income while working less hours.  Through trial and error, working with a mentor and continuing to rework her business, she created a business that worked for her schedule and lifestyle. It is her honor and pleasure to mentor a new wave of bookkeepers to do the same. 

What's included

The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.

6 month mastermind with a mentor and other new bookkeeping entrepreneurs

Build your bookkeeping business with an experienced guide and learn alongside other new business owners. 

Learn how to easily create a business you love and enjoy

What's the point of building a business if it's not giving you what you need? You'll learn how to customize your company so it meets your needs. 

Monthly assignments to fit your schedule

With a couple of hours per week, you will have a blast following along with the monthly schedule. 

Start your bookkeeping business

Join our Bookkeeping Business Blueprint Mastermind to get your business launched and thriving in 2024.
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