Job Costing Bundle

Bring your bookkeeping staff from uncertain & chaotic to empowered job costing wizards. 

Bundle Includes: 

What's included?

The bundle kicks off with our signature course, Bookkeeping Foundations.
This class lays the baseline knowledge that every bookkeeper needs to know to be confident in their bookkeeping skills.
BK 250 - Bookkeeping Foundations Fall 2024

20% discount

Bundle two courses and save 20% on the cost of enrollment.

Signature Jackie Method

Learn how to code, ask questions, find and fix errors, and pull month end reports that make sense to you and your boss.

Live Sessions

Bookkeeping Foundations includes 4 live sessions and weekly office hours. Bring your questions to Office Hours and get direct support from JS.

Thorough Understanding

Self-assessment quizzes, weekly homework and test ensure that you understand the material you're learning.

Discuss with others

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies.

10 weeks

This class runs Sept 16 - Nov 24
Plan for about 5 hours of work each week during class time.
The bundle wraps up with Job Cost Accounting, where students will become experts in estimating, determining whether a company has slippage or grippage and understanding if client projects are playing out as expected.
BK 350 - Job Cost Accounting Self-Paced

20% discount

Bundle two courses and save 20% on the cost of enrollment.

Easy to Digest Trainings

This class is taught via pre-recorded lessons

Easy to Digest Trainings

Job Cost Accounting is taught exclusively via pre-recorded lessons so you can learn at your own pace.

Thorough Understanding

Self-assessment quizzes, weekly homework and test ensure that you understand the material you're learning.

A Bonus 1:1 with JS

This class includes one 30 minute 1:1 session with JS to review any area you are having difficulty with the material.

10 Weeks

This class will run Dec 2nd - Feb 9th
Plan for about 3 hours of work each week during class time.

Understand labor costs

Learn how to calculate and allocate labor burden to ensure you're taking all of your employee costs into account when determining your prices.

Save time

We will show you how you can skip the elaborate spreadsheets with our month end process. You'll also learn how to check your work quickly and easily.

Avoid costly mistakes

Job Costing is one of the most difficult forms of bookkeeping. Learn how to set up your books right to be able to job cost.

What is Job Cost Accounting?

Watch this brief introduction to Job Cost Accounting to learn more.
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Investing in your bookkeeping...

...SAVES the company money

Some experts estimate that it costs around 1/3 of an employee's salary to replace them. However, it may cost up to even 3 or 4 times an employee's salary to replace them. 

While the experts may disagree on the exact cost, training your current bookkeeper is far more cost effective than hiring a new one. 

...Empowers Your Employees

Your bookkeeper wants to do their job well.  There's nothing worse than trying to do a job that you're not properly trained for!
If an employee is not getting proper professional development, they will likely be frustrated and look for a job elsewhere, where they feel more valued.

...Increases Revenue

Investing in your team improves your company's credibility and efficiency. Both are key pieces to generating more revenue. 

Meet Your Teacher...

Jackie Shaw is the founder and principal consultant of Get Organized!. She is a proven educator, mentor, and business advisor. 
Jackie is a nationally recognized leader in the field of job cost accounting. She is the co-author of The Remodelers Ultimate Guide to QuickBooks. Jackie has appeared in a number of podcasts and webinars discussing job cost accounting topics and spent six years apprenticing under Judith Miller, one of the icons of job cost accounting, helping construction companies throughout the US and Canada prior to co-founding Brass Jacks. 
work experience
Jackie has worked in Accounting since 2007. She began teaching QuickBooks classes in 2012.
Jackie LOVES to teach bookkeeping and accounting. Enroll today to see why so many people love to learn from Jackie and her fun and engaging attitude!
graduated from
Eastern Oregon University

Turbo Boost Your Skillset

This bundle begins with a solid understanding of bookkeeping concepts and then empowers the learner with advanced job costing skills.
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